RYG NEWS (10.18.16)


Excerpt from Andy White's lesson last night at SAYS... "Parents tell their children they can participate in sports, band, and other extra curricular activities as long as it doesn't impact their grades in a negative way. But, do parents worry that those activities will impact their kids' spiritual lives negatively?" 

Education is important. Sports have their place. Band is great. But, if our kids excel in those things and lose their souls, what good have they accomplished. Can we live with that? If so, how? 

-Jess Eastep, Youth Minister at Killen Church of Christ

What a week of rejoicing it has been at Rogersville with 6 baptisms including 2 from the RYG, Mattie Adams and Buddy Burchell. It was awesome to hear about, but also to witness Buddy's baptism! If this happens every time I go on vacation, maybe I should go more often... God is good! All the time!

Also, our bible bowl teams did well in their first competition with the Junior Division team taking home 1st Place and the Senior Division team taking home 2nd place. We will host the Local Bible Bowl at Rogersville next month, November 13th. Thank you to Leslie Owens and Stephanie Lee for coordinating the two teams. 

Here is what we've got going this week:

EXALT: Load up the bus after evening services on SUNDAY for a time of singing and praise in the park at Veteran's Park (7:30pm). Bring money for food. 

SHUT-IN VISIT/CORN MAZE DEVO (October 26): The college age and youth group will make their monthly visit to a shut-in NEXT Wednesday, October 26th. We will leave from the annex at 6pm to make our visit and head to the Corn Maze afterwards for a devotional and fun time in the haunted corn maze. If you are planning to go, the cost is $10 per person. 

CHALLENGE YOUTH CONFERENCE: If you are planning to attend CYC this year (Feb. 24-26), we are needing to get a head count so that we can book a cabin. Please let us know ASAP if you are interested in going. You can use the sign up sheet or sign up online at REGISTER HERE.

NORTH ALABAMA FLAG FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT: The NAFFT will be held on Saturday, November 19 in Cullman, AL at Heritage Park. If you would like to play, please sign up no later than Wednesday, November 9th. The tournament is open to 5th grade and up including adults. Each team is required to have adults, males, and females to play. For more information visit the NAFFT website. 

Have a great week!

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