RYG News (09.20.16)

There's a story behind this art. Written on the broken tile pieces are the barriers that the 7-12 grade class felt was separating the group from becoming one like a family. They smashed those tiles making the commitment that they wanted to help tear down the barriers. Last Wednesday we revealed this art (put together by Joy) with the understand that God takes our brokenness, heals us, and makes us whole while giving us a purpose with God's ultimate goal being that we would strive to be ONE in Christ Jesus. This will be displayed to serve as a reminder that we are striving to be the family that God has called us to be.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU to all who attended the 5th Quarter on Friday, to all who helped to setup, to all who brought drinks or desserts, to Morris Lentz for providing sound and music, to the community for being a part of a wonderful night! We had anywhere between 90-100 people stop by our 5th Quarter at some point in the evening. I was able to meet several visitors and students, as well as, interact with those I already know. It was a great evening, with great weather, and quality fellowship!

Youth Website: The youth website is up and running at www.theryg.com. Take a minute to look through the website. One neat feature is you can go online and register for upcoming events. If you forget to sign up on the sheet, no worries! You can sign-up online! Also, there are family devotionals for you to use to lead your family in spiritual thoughts each week. Take a look and let me know what you think!

Community Events: On September 26 @ Eastwood Church of Christ there will be a Trail Life USA introductory meeting for boys ages 5 to 17 and any interested adult who would like to be involved. This will be at 7pm. Contact: troopmaster@troop5238.org.

Here is what we've got going this week:

SUNDAY: EXALT will be taking place on SUNDAY at 7:30pm. The bus will leave after evening services. You will need money for food. Invite a friend and join us for some great singing at Veteran's Park!

FCA Reminder: If you have not turned in your Student Leadership Application, please do so ASAP so we can put our Student Leadership Team in place and get rolling with the semester. Thank you to everyone who has been attending and supporting this opportunity. 

FWEDNESDAY (Sept. 28): Start inviting friends and family that you know! A FREE meal will be served at 6:15pm by one of our ONE teams followed by a student led devotional. We are praying that this will be a wonderful outreach tool for our students as we try to reach others for the cause of Christ. 

Have a great week!