RYG News (08.23.16)

Thompson's Thoughts

"Seek God. Serve Others. Go into the World."

We had a great weekend at the O'hana Retreat and rejoice with Casen Cornelius deciding to give his life to Christ through baptism! Now it's time to take what we discussed and put it into action in Rogersville! I would encourage you to talk to our students about the weekend and let them share with you the positive impact it had on them.

I am excited about somethings that are on the horizon for the RYG! Unfortunately, I can't share them right now until some details are finalized but I know you will be excited, as well. Continue praying for opportunities for God to use us in a positive way in the youth ministry and in our community! It is my aim to evolve this newsletter into more of an ALL AGES newsletter as we begin to plan and expand what is happening for the younger ages (6th Grade and Under). For now, I can share with you what I do know.

TRUTH CAMP will be hosted SATURDAY at Tuscumbia Church of Christ for ages K-6 from 8am-1pm with lunch provided. Kyle Butt, of Apologetics press will be our keynote speaker, and each child will rotate through four engaging classes where they will dig deep into topics like proving the existence of God, how we know the Bible is from God, evolutionary blunders, the truth about dinosaurs, and much more. If your child plans to go, please let myself or Derek know by Wednesday.

LADS TO LEADERS KICKOFF is this Sunday night after PM services! I would encourage each family to find a way to get involved. I personally know the spiritual impact it made on my life and can boldy say without L2L, I would not be where I am today. There is so much do here locally without ever going to convention. Pray about this opportunity to be a part of something that will be positive for you and your family! If you have any questions, please talk to myself or Derek Pigg.

September will be a busy but productive month. We have opportunities to fellowship together like FAN JAM (Sept. 2) where we will load up the church bus and go support the Tigers at West Morgan or TNT (Tuesday Night Together) on September 6 at our house where we will spend time just being together while discussing how we can grow into a weekly bible study time together among other things.

We will have time to strengthen our spiritual bonds through things such as the ALL AGES TAILGATE DEVO (Sept. 3) at the Annex where we will spend time together singing and sharing from God's word, then enjoying some football. Our first SAYS (Sept. 11) of the school year that we are attending will be at Tuscumbia beginning at 5:30pm, then there is EXALT (Sept. 25) which are both great opportunities to be with others in the area to worship together!

We have so much to offer to help strengthen the bonds in our youth group and strengthen our spiritual walk together! Find a way to get involved with the youth ministry (even if it is just riding the bus to an event)!

Truth Camp @ Tuscumbia
Lads to Leaders Kickoff
September 2
September 3
Tailgate Devo @ the Annex
September 11
SAYS (Tuscumbia)
September 16
5th Quarter
September 25
EXALT (Veteran's Park)
October 1
Girls day @ Woodson Chapel

December 27-30
Exposure Youth Camp (Huntsville, AL)