RYG News (08.09.16)

Thompson's Thoughts

"Seek God. Serve Others. Go into the World."

Thank you to all who stayed to be a part of the kickoff to this new journey together. As I stated, we are partners in ministry and it will take a village to have a successful ministry. Be praying for opportunities to serve, to help, to minister, and to lead our young people. Pray for opportunities in our community and in our schools to minister. God is in this and will continue to be in this to help us grow as a family.

Also, take time this week to sit down as a family and read over the Purpose and Expectations for the Youth Ministry and pray about the areas in which you need to grow or could lead.

If you were unable to be there, please take a moment to download the Family Information Sheet and the Purpose and Expectations list. Links can be found to those documents within this e-mail or see me for a hard copy of both sheets.  

A few reminders:

  • Please remember to fill out your Family Information Sheet and turn that back to me as soon as possible.
  • You can still sign up for the O'hana Retreat (August 19-21). If you have not paid for the retreat, please do so before the retreat. Currently there are 28 of us attending. There will be a packing list in the bulletin.
  • Check out the website for Exposure Youth Camp and find out more about EYC (Dec. 27-30). Registration deadline will be October 5th and a $50 deposit will be due at the time. 

August 13
Back2School Bash (11a-2p)
August 14
Back2School Devo (Beaver's)
August 19-21  
O'Hana Retreat
August 28 
Lads to Leaders Kickoff
September 18
September 25
EXALT (Veteran's Park)

December 27-30
Exposure Youth Camp (Huntsville, AL)